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The Wreath Company That Helps Create Memorable Holidays

Few decorations are as festive and welcoming as a fresh balsam Christmas wreath on a front door. Unlike artificial versions, fragrant natural wreaths instantly conjure up images of aromatic forests and old-fashioned, classic Christmases. Fortunately, growers like Worcester Wreath Company make it simple for anyone to have fresh, beautifully decorated wreaths shipped directly to their doors. They also offer a range of other evergreen products and donate wreaths to decorate veterans' graves.

Wreaths Are Made From the Grower's Forest

Every year customers who want the finest natural holiday adornments visit and order wreaths. That is because the Maine wreath specialists guarantee the highest quality products by growing their own trees. The foliage they use to create christmas wreaths is carefully cut from live trees. Growers use sustainable methods that keep balsam trees healthy, beautiful and growing. A dedicated staff quickly harvests balsam and forms the branches into beautifully decorated products that are shipped within 24 hours. When customers open their packages, they are greeted by fragrant, deep green decorations adorned with hand-tied bows.

Dedicated Staff Creates a Range of Festive Decorations

In addition to classic green wreaths with red bows, Worcester Wreath customers can order pre-lit styles with decorations like pine cones. The company also creates a range of balsam tabletop trees, with and without lights. Their creative staff designs a wide variety of elegant centerpieces that range from classic 5 candle styles to whimsical versions that feature Santa going down the chimney. Unique products include garland, door swags, evergreen Christmas balls and DIY balsam kits that allow clients to create their own decorations. Clients can also order tribute wreaths. Growers offer simply decorated remembrance products as well as military wreaths for every service branch. Decorations include flags and bows. Clients may choose Christian-themed wreaths decorated with an angel or advent candles. In addition, growers offer an array of unique gifts. These include a breakfast box and pine cone garland.

Thousands of Donated Wreaths Honor Veterans

Many customers also support Worcester Wreath because its staff members are the Founders of Wreaths Across America. The program began in 1992, when the company owner decided to honor U.S. service veterans by donating surplus wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery. With the help of volunteers and donated transportation services, community members worked together to decorate graves and honor the fallen. Interest in the idea expanded and became the basis for country-wide Christmas wreath-laying programs that take place in every state, every holiday. The practice evolved into Wreaths Across America, a non-profit that works to help all interested groups organize local holiday wreath-laying memorials.

Customers who want truly memorable Christmases often order fresh balsam decorations directly from Maine growers. Suppliers like Worcester Wreath create a wide range of elegant, festive products and ship them within 24 hours. They also sell military tribute adornments and donate wreaths to decorate U.S Veterans' graves each Christmas.